Cox’s Bazar Medical College

Wednesday, 10 June 2009 15:37

Believe it or not, Cox’s Bazar Medical College is running with four teachers including Principal. Fortynine students of the Cox’s Bazar Medical College are suffering for shortage of teachers, residential problems, shortage of office staffs, shortage of librarian and technologists. This information disclosed in a press conference organized by  students of Cox’s Bazar Medical College which was held at Cox’s Bazar press club this afternoon. Students of the College announced program including human chained and hunger strike.

Out of 50 students including Samiul Alam, Mahmud Bin Sharif, Morsheda khatun, Tahmina, Anwarul Islam, Khandakar Rezwanur Rahman were present in the press conference and they read out the written speech in the press conference.

Cox’s Bazar Medical Collage was begun from January 2009 with 49 students. Principal along with 4 Assistant Professors were appointed for the department of Anatomy, Physiology, Bio-chemistry and Community Medicine. Class was started on February 7th. Cox’s Bazar Medical College was temporarily established in a part of Cox’s Bazar Sadar hospital. Later, two professors were transferred from the College. Now college is running with two teachers but no lecturers, no librarian and technologist. In the present condition, no single teacher is there for the department of Bio-chemistry.

Students said they also informed their problems to Deputy Commissioner, Cox’s Bazar and Civil Surgeon, Cox’s Bazar earlier. But yet no remedy is taken by government, they claimed in the conference.

Secretary of ministry of Health and Family Planning and Director General of Directorate of Health, visited Cox’s Bazar Medical College on February last. At that time they were committed to the students for solving the problems.

Students of the Cox’s Bazar Medical College were urged to government for solving their problems within June 20. Otherwise they will arrange some program including human chained, the siege of deputy commissioner and civil surgeon office and hunger strike. Schedule of the program will be announced later.

Students have expressed their opinion, they are passing tough days in Cox’s Bazar. They are suffering from resident problems. They are living in rented houses and living four to six students in a room.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

At last, A committee has been formed by the students of Cox’s Bazar Medical College named “Chatro Sangram Parishad” which is convened by Mahmud Bin Sharif.

They will continue their agitation and has taken a Four days’ program to press home their demands.

The demands include —
(1) a permanent college campus,
(2) solution to accommodation problem,
(3) appointment of teachers and
(4) setting up an examination centre for first professional MBBS examination.

To make these demands granted their taken steps are :
First Step :
The agitating students have taken out a procession on the main road of the town and then submitted a memorandum to the education minister through the deputy commissioner. In the memorandum, they have threatened to announce tougher agitation program if their demands are not met immediately.

Second Step:

They have arranged a press conference and expressed their demands infront of media where Samiul Alam read out the speech.


Third Step:

Students have arranged a hunger strike on the Cox’s Bazar Court Point. In the afternoon a committee from health adviser of prime minister has broken the strike by feeding the students and promised to fulfill their demands. On that day at 10 pm a conference was arranged in the Circuit house. Four Students with the principal and vice principal attended the meeting with the adviser and the students handed over a memorandum to adviser, The adviser suggested to give another memorandum to the Health & Education Minister and later  a committee consist of 3 members submitted that to the ministry.

Four Step:

Fourth step is not done yet. It is “Road Block”. If the above steps would fail, it will be arranged.
Though the college is running for two years, it has no permanent campus. Students alleged that land for the college has not been acquired yet due to non-cooperation of the high-ups. Some departments have no departmental head and there is extreme shortage of assistant professor.

Without departmental heads, there would not be any scope for setting up an examination centre at the college, the students said, adding that 42 students of the second year (1st batch) would not be able to sit for the first professional MBBS exams scheduled for July this year.

The academic activities of the college have been carried out in a building of Cox’s Bazar Sadar Hospital for the last two years.

Sources concerned said the district administration has earmarked 24 acres of land for college campus in Jhilongja area of Cox’s Bazar town and sent a proposal to the ministry concerned for acquiring the land. But the land has not acquired yet. Taka 27 crores for purchasing land has also been lying idle for long, sources added.

A meeting will be held at the office of the land ministry’s secretary on April 11 to evaluate the justification of the proposal for acquiring the land.

The fact is that, if the land for the College were not acquired by June this year, Tk 27 crores allocated for the purpose would have to be returned.

District administration sources said they have been urging the land ministry to acquire the land for last two years.

There are four departments in the College–anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and community medicine. Each department should have six teachers.But there are only 13 teachers instead of 24. But only one department has assistant professor and other department lacks.

At present, the college has 94 students. Of them, 41 of 1st batch and 53 of 2nd batch.

If assistant professors could not be appointed in the three departments by April 29, no permission for setting up examination centre will be available. Therefore, 41 students will have to go to Chittagong to participate in the exams.

Deputy commissioner Gias Uddin Ahmed said if land could not be acquired by June, the budget of tk 27 crore would  be cancelled . So the district administration is trying its best to acquire the land as early as possible.

He said attempts are on to solve the other problems of the college and the students.

28 November, 2011

Here in 28 November, 2011, Cox’s Bazar Medical college is aged 3 years after so many agitation, procession, Human bonding and hunger strike.

Very much tension and anxiety was hung on the air about the venue of the professional examination to be held. But at last tension is removed and students are attending professional examinations in their own college as Cox’s Bazar Medical College has the facilities to be a center now, and it is used as though . Students are relaxed and happy as they don’t have to go to Chittagong to attend examination. It is so relieving . The most satisfactory part is that students did an excellent result in 1st professional examination and gain honors marks too. Anatomy department achieved 100% pass.

Cox’s Bazar Medical College is now running with sufficient  teachers. Already 1st & 2nd batch has entered into clinical section. They are attending clinical (ward) classes as well as theoretical.

All the departments for 1st & 2nd ,3rd,4th and some of 5th year (Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Community Medicine, Microbiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Forensic Medicine , Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics) are well running with sufficient lecturers and departmental heads.

This medical college now has a complete and functioning library, room for practical classes and adequate instruments.

There is a little shortage of space for the upgrowing number of teachers and students. But we hope this problem will also be solved soon. Already the land for the college campus has been acquired. The prime minister has recently unveiled inaugurating plate of the permanent campus of the medical college & ensured the work to be started as soon as possible.

The severe accommodation problems of the students have also been solved now. There are 4 hostels, 2 for female and 2 for male students . But these hostel-buildings are rented building and soon in future for more students more space will be needed. So the necessity for permanent campus and hostel is at highest need.

Recently 4th batch admission has been completed. The most delightful matter is some students are not filling migration form for being migrated in the near upper ranked medical colleges. Their say is that they prefer Cox’s Bazar Medical College to others.
An own website of Cox’s Bazar Medical College is in under process now, which is done by the students and soon it will be on the server when this article is published.

Hope the upgrowing development in all aspect will go on as it is going now. And Hope for the best for the welfare and good will of Cox’s Bazar Medical College.