Few students of Mymensingh Medical College thought that it is wiser to spread the very little leisure time that a medical student can afford in more academic way than the general student does by playing cards or gossiping or involving in political parties. So they chalked out a blue print of an academic & non-political organization where medical students of different beliefs could share their knowledge with each other to build a better, stronger & bright future. They launched a meeting in the library room of Mymensingh Medical College. That is how Medicine Club started its journey with only 32 members from 31 January 1981..

Medicine Club was started as an academic organization. But very soon, the members of this organization observed that there were many patients in the hospital, who were too poor to buy their necessary drugs, blood, operation instruments for their treatment. Observing this situation, Medicine Club executives formed the “Patient Welfare Project” to help those poor patients. This patient welfare project conducts all the social welfare activities of the club. This is how Medicine Club became as an academic cum social organization from 10th January 1984.

Academic activities of Medicine Club are limited to the medical students. But social activities of Medicine Club are provided for all.


Our activities:

Social welfare activities:



  1. Blood collection & distribution among the poor patients.
  2. Motivate people about voluntary blood donation.
  3. Arranging blood grouping program at minimal cost.
  4. Raising social awareness about safe blood transfusion.



  1. Collection of medicine & free distribution among the poor patients.
  2. Provide health service to the poor patients by giving medicine & essential operation instruments from the club & from pharmacy.



  1. Growing awareness about Hepatitis-B virus & its vaccine.
  2. Arranging Hepatitis-B & other vaccination program at low cost.




  1. Distribution of warm clothing among the needy people by arranging programs during winter season.
  2. Sending “Doctors team” with drugs & foods in the affected areas of natural calamities to help the affected & distressed people.


  • Community health oriented program:
  1. Arranging health check-up, awareness about health education & drug distribution program at schools.
  2. Arranging health check-up program & drug donation at free of cost in orphanage, slum and underdeveloped areas deprived of medication and health services.

    Academic activities:

  3. Medicine Club library
  4. Pre-clinical discussion
  5. Clinical meeting
  6. Film shows
  7. Debate competitions
  8. Seminar
  9. Symposium
  10. Study tour
  • Other activities:


  1. Providing statistical data on patients to the hospital authority.
  2. Cultural program’s for medical students & doctors.
  3. Arranging tree plantation program.
  4. Stalmentation at different fair.


Activities of Medicine Club on thalassaemia:

# Aware people about thalassaemia by organizing rally, seminars, symposiums& otheractivities.

# Manage free fresh blood for the thalassaemia patients.

# Give first priority to the thalassaemia patients in blood transfusion, drug distribution & any kind of needs.

# Fix some thalassaemia patients as Registered Recipients & give them regular treatment follow up.

# Create a group of people as Fixed Donor who wants to donate their blood to the thalassaemia patients.


Like all of other Medicine Club Unit we are also working whole heartedly maintaining the basis & motto of Medicine Club. If anyone interested to work as a Medicinian than please contact with us to this number 01717620263. Or you can come to our office room situated at Cox’s Bazar Sadar Hospita,ground floor. Be with us and we will create a domain where no people will die for medicine and blood. It’s our pledge. Let’s work together and restore humanity.